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Broke Straight Boys: Meet Hot New Straight Guy Dan White

Broke Straight Boys presents Dan White — our hot new straight boy. There’s nothing finer than a straight boy telling a story of a sexual experience that got him all excited. Watch straight newbie Dan White describe an incident he had with a girl. Apparently he was fingering her and “she was dripping wet.” The fortunate mademoiselle pulled his fingers out of her no-no place and started sucking on them. Alas, Dan doesn’t do a good job of mimicking how she licked his fingers, but that’s OK. We all have vivid imaginations. LOL

He has another “interesting” story about his first time jerking off (you’ll never look at stuffed toy bunny rabbits the same). As he retells his self love stories, Dan feels himself up through his pants. Please be seated when he drops his trousers. He’s diamond hard and when he turns around that bodacious ass shakes! “You have a great butt, Dan,” the cameraman says. Our newbie gives a sly “thank you.” The kind that sounds like he might be willing to let someone tap that ass. LOL

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Broke Straight Boys: Zane Tate and Trey Evans

When it comes to ass sex, there are two types of bottoms. The first are dudes worried that a huge dong could do irreparable damage. Hmmm, amateurs. The second, guys who can’t wait to be stuffed and mounted. Broke Straight Boy Trey Evans is a card carrying member of the first group. He’s heard many things about the size of Zane Tate’s member and is ready to start so the pain will be over. Quickly. “Let’s just do this,” Trey says. “Get it over with,” Zane asks. ‘Yeah,” Trey responds. “Sounds like he’s excited. ‘Let’s do this,’” Zane adds. “Ecstatic,” Trey answers with a smidgen of irony. :-)

As Trey plays Debbie Downer, convinced he’ll not sit right for a week, the lads get naked. Before he puts his mouth on Zane’s member, Trey admits he worried about how how the scene will play out. All of this is quickly forgotten the second Trey begins to blow. He’s all energetic and juicy, getting Zane hard for his future duty. Look at Zane’s face. He is super pleased with his partner’s skills. Even tries to push Trey farther down. Have you seen Zane’s toes curl this much in a previous scene? How about all that thigh twitching? :-)

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Broke Straight Boys: Trey Evans and Anthony

Whenever Anthony is around, a straight boy’s ass is always going to get royally screwed. More than likely his! In today’s update he’s paired with another straight boy — Trey Evans, whose own backside is still in shock from Zane Tate’s monster. :-) The boys dispense with any talking, and for a brief moment it looks like Trey might lean in for a kiss.

Has this broke straight boy ever smooched on screen? Alas, it doesn’t happen. The guys feel each other up through their shorts. “Oh, yeah,” Anthony murmurs asthe shorts are removed. Both lads are semi-hard, but Trey sucks first. He laps the lollipop with energy. “Damn,” Anthony says as he strokes Trey’s straight sausage. “Oh, fuck.”

Trey’s foot goes in the air as he keeps working on the pole. Eventually he spits on it, and some of that juice lands on Anthony’s pubes. Anthony takes a turn at blow jobbing. He also has lots of energy, but unlike his partner Anthony can deep throat. Sure he gags, but he doesn’t let that inconvenience get in the way. “Suck that cock,” Trey demands. Anthony, who doesn’t mind a command or two, does what he’s told. “Oh, shit,” Trey says. Soon enough it’s fucking time. Anthony’s palms are planted on the bed as he sticks his ass out. Trey knows his partner can take a lot, so he enters in one push. This is one hot Broke Straight Boys update!

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BrokeStraightBoys: Johnny Forza and Blake Bennet

Broke Straight Boys Johnny Forza and Blake Bennet can’t be stopped! Here’s the scene with these two straight boys! Johnny Forza gives his meat a tender tap. Blake Bennet’s legs are bouncing up and down. When the cameraman wonders how the two performers are doing, Johnny gives a peace sign. All is good in his world. What about Blake? “Nervous as hell,” Blake says. “Because I haven’t taken a dick that big yet.” The cameraman says now is the time, but Blake’s legs keep shaking. He’s not sure about this. Understandable! But everyone watching this update is more than ready for Blake to ride a straight boy named Johnny. :-) The Jersey boy mentions that he’s spent his BSB cash well; he’s purchased a motorcycle. “It’s gorgeous,” Blake notes.

Johnny is over being an actual “broke straight boy” so this is the reason he’s back in at the straight boy studios! Remember when he was certain he done being gay for pay? :-) Well, he is ready to earn more cash! When the boys strip to their boxers, we get to compare their physiques. Neither of these hot straight boys would be booted out of a bed for leaving crumbs, but their differences are startling. Blake is a tan lithe lad with the build of a polo player. Blake on the other hand, is all mountain — his defined muscles taught and ripped against his pale skin. Check out these two straight boys going at it on!

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Are You Ready for Broke Straight Boy Paul Canon?

Poor Broke Straight Boy Paul Canon. His friend’s car conked out on his way to BSB studios, and he had to be picked up by our cameraman. What would you do have this handsome hunk in your vehicle? :-) He just turned 21, which means he can walk into any bar in the country. “I can drink legally now,” he notes with a grin. Paul insists he’s a good boy, and refuses to give any details about his sexual conquests. A young gentleman? What’s not to love? :-) He does share a story of when he jerked off in the back seat when his parents were driving the family mini-van. The horny broke straight boy was in the back seat and covered up with blankets! LOL

There are all the standard reasons for going gaga over Paul, but let’s focus on two. When asked to describe his favorite body part, he says thumbs! That has to be a Broke Straight Boy first. There is also a cute story about a tattoo on his well rounded ass. We promised him we wouldn’t give it away, but Paul’s laughter makes the tale much harder to keep to ourselves. As soon as the camera is on, Paul gets on the bed and begins stroking. He gets hard rather quickly, and even gets more lube. He gives us a great show by slowing stroking himself. The tool is long and we get a closeup of the bloated head as he tries to coaxout some pre-cum. Let us know what you think of this Broke Straight Boy!

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Meet Straight Boys Carter Blane and Paul Canon!

“Broke Straight Boy” Paul has returned! The newbie sensation broke a lot of hearts with his solo. Today he shares the BSB couch with site favorite Carter Blane. Today’s start has no fuss. The boys strip to their undies; Paul decided to go with spandex. He turns around and gives those hefty cheeks a squeeze. Wonder what Carter was thinking. :-) They get on the couch and feel each other up. Paul suggests it’s time to get naked and they get rid of the underwear. The mutual feeling up continues.

“You have any pre-cum,” the cameraman asks Paul. “Yes,” he replies. Carter plays with the juice with his thumb. “It’s natural lube,” Paul says, with a chuckle. Carter leans back as his big nasty thing gets stroked by Paul. He might be a novice, but knows how to jerk a hefty slice of sausage. Paul’s hand work keeps Carter’s tool standing straight up. The newbie’s own tool is looking at the ceiling. As the expert, Carter hits his knees and puts Paul’s piece on his mouth. Check it out!

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Meet Our Newest Broke Straight Boy Kyle Harley!

Meet our newest Broke Straight Boy Kyle Harley, a hot young lad from the Bluegrass State. When asked how things were growing up in Kentucky, Kyle had nothing but positive things to say about his home. “I attained a pretty good accent. Nice mountains up there. I love to go hiking.” Kyle first discovered jerking off when he was 11 years old. Unfortunately, he was discovered by his father because, even at that age, he didn’t quite get the power of silence. “I tend to make a lot of noise”.  :-)

When it comes to self stroking, Kyle only does it about twice a week. Seems like he gets a lot of sex, which is easy to believe. From personality to body hair, Kyle is the type who can make gals (and guys) go wild with lust. Unlike a majority of BSB newbies, Kyle wasn’t nervous about being in front of the camera –at all! Could be because his girlfriend once videotaped them having sex. :-) As soon as the camera started rolling, Kyle sat on the couch and started stroking, and he was right! He is a loud moaner! LOL! Better turn down the volume on your computer.

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Broke Straight Boys: Check Out “Grade A” Newbie Oliver Bowen

Broke Straight Boy Oliver Brown is hot. On just another “Broke Straight Boys” day at the office, newbie Oliver Bowen kicks back on our couch ready for his solo. As soon as filming begins, we can’t help but notice two things about this slab of grade A beef. He’s got killer calves and is built like a mountain. “I stay active,” Oliver says to the cameraman. “I’m into triathlons, long distance running, scuba diving, and biking. Anything that keeps me fit.” This 22 year old hottie is also a musician specializing in playing bongos and keyboards for a few local bands.

When he takes off his shirt, it’s hard not to stare at Oliver’s nipples. They are the size of quarters and require chewing. Oliver quickly gets to jerking. He lacks any of the standard newbie nerves and plays to the camera while fondling his meat. Oliver has an impressive jerking technique, alternating between long and short stroking. When he stands up, we got an amazing peek at his incredible round muscular ass. Actually, everything about Oliver is muscular and round. From his feet, to those hairy thick thighs, to his arms. Who wouldn’t want to service this dude? And his eyes? Hypnotic. Willing to bet he can make anyone debase himself with just a look.

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Meet Broke Straight Boys Max Flint and Blake Bennet

Now, we know that many of you out there in Broke Straight Boys land like when our vids start with introductory chitchat. Well, expect something a little different in today’s update with Max and Blake. Instead of confabulation– we give you “smooching”. Isn’t that a good trade?  As soon as we yell “action” these two go at it!

For Max and Blake, this is only their second time on screen together. In their first scene, Blake taught Max what it takes to satisfy a man (smile). In this update, the boys continue their sex-capade with lip locking and a little bromance as Blake hand runs through Max’s locks. If you aren’t turned on by the passion seen here, then you more than likely probably have erotic dreams about Rick Santorum. :-) As the two kiss, every inch of their bodies scream to be let free. This eventually happens, and Blake’s lips meet Max’s boyhood first.

“Oh, fuck,” Max moans as his scene partner suctions his meat. The sounds of Blake’s work echo in the room. He alternates between sucking and jerking Max, who is literally in heaven. Blake comes up from his duties, gives Max a kiss, and leans back. Max gets to work, going down to the balls. Blake’s mouth is open, like he’s surprised at the quality of the blow job (grin). You sure you ready for this one??!!

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HOT 69 with Spencer and Johnny

A certain New Jersey boy keeps coming back for more. When Johnny Forza did his solo, the stud insisted he was a one and done type of dude. But it seems Johnny can’t keep his own promise (not that anyone at BSB central is complaining). Despite being here, Johnny is unhappy. “Not really too thrilled,” he says when asked how’s he feeling. “It’s worth the money” Spencer Todd, Johnny’s scene partner, replies. Spencer is the perfect performer to be paired with our reluctant model because everyone remembers the Red Rocket’s initial awkwardness about man sex. But, look at him now! Last time we saw Spencer, his muscular ass was filled with Zane’s sausage.

Today Johnny will have a man’s dong in his mouth. The cameraman asks the NJ hottie what he thinks it will feel like. “Not too pleasurable,” he responds. The cameraman gives Johnny the best advice ever about giving a blow job — think about the best mouth loving you ever received and do the same. This at least puts a grin on the guy’s face. When the boys start jerking each other, it’s obvious to see who’s more comfortable. Spencer strokes away looking at Johnny’s impressive package. As for Johnny? He can’t even look in Spencer’s direction!

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