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Max Flint fucks Colin

In this weekend’s video, we don’t bother with any pre-rutting chitchat. We start right in with the fucking. A delighted bottom is crying out, and a top is pile driving into a sweet, sweet hole. The camera pulls back and Max is the top, and the ever randy Colin has his feet behind his head. Max looks uber sexy with his eyes closed, all into Colin’s booty. “You like that tight hole, bro,” Colin murmurs. Max can barely utter his response, but he’s a happy camper.

“Fuck that hole, bro,” Colin demands.

Max must be doing something correct because Colin’s toes curl up. Our curly topped top is like a runaway train. He ain’t making any stops until the trip is over. “You like that tight ass, bro” Colin wonders again. “It feels so good,” Max notes. “Fucking balls deep,” Colin says. Colin rolls on his stomach, and Max continues the deep booty exploration. Max tires of his scene partner’s yelps and he covers the dude’s mouth.

WATCH Colin eat Kodi’s ass

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Cream’n Bottoms 2

We’re back for more Latin creampie! Gerardo and Max were about to do the laundry, but the clothes aren’t nearly as dirty as their minds. Before the clothes even get into the washer, they start to undress each other and kiss. Max has a fat Latin pole and Gerardo sucks that cock servicing his stud. Max responds to Gerardo’s sucking by fingering his hole. Feeling horny for it, he sticks his tongue inside and gives that ass a tongue bath. Soon Max sticks his bare dick inside it using his wet saliva as the lube, and fucks and spanks that ass.

Gerardo’s dick remains hard as Max invades his ass, and the anal pounding continues. Finally Gerardo climbs up on the counter and sticks his leg in the air so Max can slam his hole some more, which he does. Max fucks with such force that Gerardo blows his wad. Gerardo gets down on the floor to hopefully receive a face full of that man jizz, but Max is a wild shooter and most of it flies right over him. Some of it lands on his chest and he grabs the uncut cock to gob the remaining drops with his lips.

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Download the full length video at!

Daddy Raunch

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Oral 3 Way Starring Mikey, Travis & Jacob

We have 3 sexy young men back in the studio today. Jacob Jake, Travis Cooper and everyone's favorite gay boy Mikey, who has all the luck! He gets to do a video with both of these hot straight boys. You may recall Jacob, he started out with us here at StraightRentBoys and has done other videos now with SDBoy and a couple other studios since his first appearance with us. This is the first time back for Travis since what was supposed to be his "solo" debut with us. If you recall, we had a little surprise and brought Mikey in to help him out and get him used to being with another guy.

The scene starts out with the three of them on the couch with some "small talk." We find out that Travis has never been in a 3-way, even with girls. So this is sure to be interesting. Since Travis is sitting in the middle, I said "let's start out with some oral and suck Travis' dick." I barely got the words out of my mouth and Mikey was already bent over and sucking away. We think Mikey has a crush on Travis. Keep your eyes on Mikey during the video and see if you see what we see. Jacob starts out kissing and sucking on Travis pecks and then the two of them switched up with Jacob doing some sucking.

We switched it up putting Mikey in the middle. At one point he threw his arms up behind his head and looked like he died and went to heaven as he has two straight boys sucking that big cock of his. Ain't that a switch? Wait till you see how he responds when we tell him it's time to switch up and put Jacob in the middle. This video is a must see guys and it's only the beginning of what's to cum!

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Download the full length video at!

Straight Money Boys

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Blake, Brandon, Sam and Max: Hot 4way!

Four ways, like southern ice tea and the solos of Lester Young, are blessings from the heavens. Here at BSB we really don’t care which god(s) you pray to, but sure like to help you call her name after some “alone time.” :-) In service to the deities above, we present a fourgy with Blake, Brandon, Max, and Sam. Our poor bed is too small for the cuteness assembled! All are new to the experience of quartet boot knocking. “How does it even happen in real life,” Blake wonders.

WATCH this hot 4-way HERE

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Cream’n Bottoms

Ready for throbbing cocks and balls ready to bust? Hot hungry holes being filled with hot creamy Latin jizz? These two Latino’s suck and fuck when and wherever they can, and in just about every position imaginable… and it’s all RAW bareback action! The scenes are hot and the action is intense with steamy juice shooting, spurting and even dribbling out of these insatiable bottoms. Ever tasted a delicious “Latin creampie?”

If foreskin is your thing, Cream’n Bottoms is a must see! Up first, we have a hot intergenerational pairing with 40yr old Gastonix and 25yr old Mario Vincent and Gastonix has every intention of showing this hot young Latino a few new tricks. Shot entirely in HD on location in Buenos Aires, the movie takes you on a cum soaked visual journey as these bareback fuckers plow one hot hole after the other in some of the nastiest jizz shooting sex scenes you’ll ever see. Cum watch CREAM’N BOTTOMS!

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Download the full length video at!

Daddy Raunch

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Travis Cooper and Mikey

19 year old Travis barely starts to tug himself through the tighty whities he is wearing before I ask if I can bring in another model to work with him, "because you're going to need to know how to be around gay guys;" apparently Travis has not had any experience with guys, gay or otherwise. As Mikey comes in, I assure Travis of Mikey's "small penis;" and I tell Travis that Mikey has been here a long time and is used to, "helping me turn guys." The look on Travis' face at this point, is, as Eddie jokes, "priceless." As you recall, I did tell Travis that,"Mikey is small;" okay, a large lie, but when Mikey gets naked, Travis takes one look and says "this is a small penis?" but manages to touch it, suck it, and even jack it off; I think we have another porn star for Straight Rent Boys. Both work together, stroking one another side by side, they are getting closer; their bodies flush red. Mikey is the first to shoot, as Travis brings him to a full climax and watches streaming white jizz shoot on Mikey's chest. I then ask if Travis can, "stroke one out?" You'll have to watch the video for this one! Download the Full Video at

Download the full HD video at

Download the full length video at!

Straight Money Boys

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19 year old Straight Boy Jake Hartley

Who does’t get tingly with anticipation when a newbie sits on the Broke Straight Boys couch? Today those trembles will hit the red zone. We have Jake Hartley in front of the lens today. He’s here for the reasons we’ve come to love.  “I like the money,” Jake says when the cameraman wonders why he is gracing us with his sexy self. “Helps with rent. Pay some bills.” The 19 year old seems to have no problems with the fairer sex. He apparently makes them so wild that one gave up the booty at an “Avatar” showing. “She just hopped on. We were in the back.”

WATCH this video at!

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College Boy Physicals – Jacob

Hot new boy on College Boy Physicals

After returning from an extended vacation Dr. Dick was looking forward to returning to the clinic. He was feeling nostalgic about returning to the field of medicine he loved so much but the first day back was turning out a tad bit slow. Then finally in came a boy by the name of Jacob who was a referral from one of the newer doctors transferred to the clinic. The patients ailment was very exciting to treat, he ejaculated prematurely. Dr.Dick knew of a few treatments suitable for such a case. He began giving Jacob the regular exam and when it came to checking his penis Jacob began to bust a nut all over the doctor but his erection never went away.

Dr Dick checking Jacob's cock

Cock stimulation.



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Boy Gusher – John

John on

We have John and Mikey with us today. John is the dark haired straight boy that is very nervous and although willing to try having his cock jerked and sucked off for a guy is very nervous. We had him strip down and brought in this weeks Mr. Hand Mikey. Mikey sidles on in next to John and begins to stroke his cock as John watches nervous as hell. Mikey strokes it a bit and then I suggested he suck on it a bit which he does with John watching.

Hot boy with a hairy cock


Mikey tasting John's cock


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Lui and Rafinha

Damn, two hot Latinos in a hotel room; hungry boys with mouths to feed and holes to fill. has Lui and Rafinha for us today. These two are all about pleasuring each other and allowing us to watch.

Kissing and licking his way down, Rafinha finds Lui's thick cock and begins to suck. Working on bringing him up, the two continue to explore one another. Lui then bends Rafinha over a chair and rims him; at one point, Lui repositions Rafinha so he may go even further up Rafinha's ass. From behind, we see Lui finger Rafinha's hole. Lui then sits on a chair to allow Rafinha to suck his balls. Lui feeds him a large cock, calling out, "delicious" as Rafinha works his tongue; he is rewarded as Lui face fucks him.

Propping Rafinha on a chair, Lui proceeds to enter quick and deep. Both men are enjoying the hard pounding Lui is giving. Rafinha is repositioned and as the camera pans below, we see balls to ass action. Lui is an aggressive top and slaps his bottom's ass. Zooming in, we can appreciate the length and width of this top's meat.

Download the full video at

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